Busy Friday for Station 59

The day started at noon for the crews at company 59 with a vehicle accident on 283. Rescue 59 arrived on scene with a two vehicle accident with one into the median with all people out of the vehicle. The crews secured the vehicles and fluids. Command 59 held the box to Rescue 59, minutes later was placed in service by State Police with no fire services needed.

Rescue 59
Engine 59
Lower Swatara PD
State Police

As the day continued, two automatic alarms were answered by the crews. A water flow alarm at Texas Eastern that was caused by a water hammer though the system. Command 59 placed the box in service after the crew walked down the facility and reset the alarm.

The other alarm came from a resident that contacted our crews while they were out giving water to the residents in the Lisa Lake area. The crew investigated and found a house that was under water last week created a water problem in the alarm system. The crew investigated and found no problem and the box was placed in service.

A few hours later a vehicle fire was dispatched in the area of PA 283, as units went enroute command was advised the fire was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Command 59 placed the box in service. As the turnpike box was being dispatched. Tanker 59 was then due on the Pennsylvania Turnpike vehicle fire which Tanker 59 was placed in service as they arrived on location on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

To finish out the night, Box 59-6 was dispatched for a vehicle accident involving an RV. Chief 59-1 signed on the air and added rescue 49 to the box, due to reports of possible entrapment. Rescue 59 responded along with Engine 59-1. Rescue 59 arrived on location with a RV trailer and a single vehicle turned over with all occupants out of the vehicle. The crews split, one part with patient care and the other checking for hazards while doing a 360 of the vehicles. The crews packaged one patient and the other crew secured propane cylinders and checked for fluid leaks (none found). As crews loaded the single patient, the other passenger had advised of a headache and back pain the crew started patient care. The first MICU started another MICU for the second patient. Once the patient were loaded and in the care of EMS, State Police arrived on location and advised all fire units can return but would need fire police to stay for traffic control. Command held the box to company 59 fire police with all other units returning.

Command: LT. 59

Rescue: 59, 49
Engine 59-1
Traffic 59
MICU: 4-1, 7-3
State Police

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