Working Garage Fire in the 3 Box.

Last night (10/2), Company 59 along with mutual aid was dispatched to a possible working garage fire on N. Union Street. Chief 59 signed on the air right away along with Engine 59 with a full crew. Chief 59 was updated with a person working on a vehicle in an unattached garage and had caught fire. Chief 59 turned off of Fulling Mill Road with a visible smoke column and requested the box to be filled. Engine 59 took the address side of the residence with the crew stretching a single inch and 3/4 handline to the structure. Truck 88 arrived on location and nosed in to engine 59. LT. 59 advised fire was knocked within five minutes of arrival on location. A small amount of overhaul overhaul was conducted. Once control was marked in about 10 minutes after dispatch, command 59 downgraded the assignment to Company 59 and Truck 88 when the fire marshall completed his investigation. Command placed the box in service, the crews were out for about one hour.

Command: Chief 59
Operations: Chief 59-2

Engine: 59, 59-1, 88, 49
Rescue: 59 and 44 (RIT)
Truck: 88
FM 59-1
Lower Swatara Police Department
University EMS

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