Hazmat in the 59-6 Box

This morning, Company 59 was dispatched to Bonnie Blue Lane for an oxygen tank leak with Dauphin County Hazmat (77) also being notified. Engine 59 was on the street within seconds due to just clearing a fire prevention event at Penn State University (Harrisburg). Engine 59 arrived on location with a two story residence, reported evacuated. LT. 59 took command and the crew investigated and had haze at the front door, the engine crew stretched a line to the door. Once Rescue 59 arrived on location and the crews made entry into the residence with a meter along with trying to locate the source. The meter was found to be spiked at the top level on the oxygen sensor once entry was made into the residence.

The crew located a forty-five liter medical liquid oxygen cylinder leaking and frozen in a bedroom right inside the front door. As crews were working, it was reported that one child was still inside on the second floor and the crews removed the child without injury. The crews then removed the hazard and placed it outside. The medical company was notified and once arriving took care of the medical device. No injuries were reported during the incident.

Command: LT. 59

Engine 59
Rescue 59
Chief 77
University EMS
Lower Swatara Police Department

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