Entrapment in the 55-1 Box

Just after 2 am, Rescue 59 was dispatched to assist Company 55 with an accident with confirmed entrapment location given as Second Street and Eisenhower Boulevard. Rescue 59 was out on the street within minutes with six personnel. Rescue 59 arrived on location with Engine 55 and Rescue 50. Command 55 instructed Rescue 59 crews to go to work assisting the crews working on a single vehicle accident with one trapped. The crews removed the roof along with the driver’s side door to gain access into the patient. Once the roof and door were removed, the crew extricated the patient and put into care of EMS. Once the patient was in the care of EMS, command marked control and held the assignment to company 55 & 50. Rescue 59 cleaned up the equipment and returned available.

Command: Chief 55
Operations: Chief 55-2

Engine 55
Rescue 59 & 50
Highspire Police Department
Lower Swatara Police Department
South Central EMS
Fire Police 55

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