Early Snow Storm brings calls to Co. 59

This weekend was a busy one for company 59 as snow blanketed the entire central pa area, the calls ranged from trees and wires down to vehicle accidents and multiple fires. The calls started rolling in on Saturday morning with a vehicle accident and didn’t slow down until Sunday Night.

Two vehicle accidents occurred on Saturday and Sunday morning in the slick conditions that were made due to the weather. Company 59 assisted with patient care and fluid control on both incidents.
The calls really “heated” up on Saturday night when Company 59 along with surrounding units answered fires on Oberlin Road at the Twelve Oaks Center due to a furnace catching on fire with the crews making a quick knock on the fire with a single handline and venting the structure of smoke.

Another Structure Fire box was hit for Penn State Capital Campus for an odor of something burning inside was found to be a generator overheating with a large Carbon Monoxide issue throughout the building. The crews vented the structure and were returning back to Station 59 when Chief 59-1 went on the air with strobe activation at Reid Elementary School.

The crews investigated and found water throughout the building with the sprinkler system activated. The crews located a “hot” door on the third door and a hi-rise pack was stretched. Command requested the box to be filled for a possible structure fire. The crews made entry and it was found to be another generator that had overloaded creating massive heat/smoke in the room setting off the sprinkler system. The crews assisted Middletown School District with lighting and clean up. With no other services needed by the school district, Command placed that box in service after about an hour.

The crews handled calls throughout Saturday night and Sunday until the late afternoon hours. When Company 59 was hit for an automatic fire alarm at Highspire Homes, Chief 59-2 went on the air as Company 55 along with mutual aid was getting hit for a structure fire at Willow Apartments. Chief 59-2 arrived at Highspire Homes and advised of a false trip and sent Engine 59-1 to the Highspire Structure fire to assist. Engine 59-1 arrived on location taking the hydrant and sending crews to do a search of the fire apartment along with neighboring apartments to check for any possible victims. The searches were negative and the crew assisted with various other tasks until being released by command 55.

Company 59 answered over 70 calls in the month of October and will continue to answer any calls day or night.

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