Wingate Fire Alarm turns into Structure Fire.

This afternoon, Engine 59 was dispatched to 1344 Eisenhower BLVD at the Wingate Hotel for an automatic fire alarm. Engine 59-1 was out the door in minutes with a crew of four. Engine 59-1 was the first unit arriving with the Engine taking the Fire Department connection on side D (delta) of the building. LT. 59 reported normal conditions from the exterior but alarms going off and the building evacuated. The crew made entry into the front entrance and was immediately encountered with a smoke condition in the lobby. LT. 59 advised the next engine to take the hydrant on Eisenhower BLVD and drop 5 inch. The box was upgraded to a commercial structure fire box immediately.

The 59 crew worked their way into the lobby and found on side C of the building a mulch fire that had extended into the building and was in the walls. The 59 crew made the stop once opening up the wall and hitting the fire with a can. Control was marked minutes later and crew started overhaul and salvage. Venting of the building was started along with CO metering throughout all floors of the hotel. After about an hour working the crew was released by command 49.

Engine: 59-1, 44, 41
Truck: 50, 456
Rescue: 49

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