Weekend Training held at the old “Days Inn”

This weekend, Company 59 along with other mutual aid companies embarked on the old “Days Inn” on Eisenhower BLVD for training. The crews arrived early Saturday morning with instructors from Capital Fire Training. Capital Fire Training is a network of instructors from all over the country that comes in to train, teach the art of the fire service. The instructors are from all walks of life and experience from DCFD (Washington D.C.), FDNY, Baltimore County Fire Department and many more. The crew’s topics this weekend were hoseline advancement, forcible entry, vent-enter-search, truck operations and R.I.T operations or Rapid Intervention Teams that searches and rescues downed or trapped firefighters during fire incidents.

The crews worked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The crews worked hard and the instructors really showed us some great tips of the trade. The crews breached walls to escape hazardous conditions, they forced doors to make entry for hoseline teams and to search for victims, we cut the roof to vent for teams inside and it was a great weekend. At the end of the weekend, the instructors created a huge scenario that takes everything the crews learned and put it into a realistic setting with all crews accomplishing the tasks assigned to them.

Command: Capital Fire Training

Companies Involved:
Lower Swatara (59)
Swatara (49)
Steelton (50)
Lawnton (44)
Hershey (48)

More Pictures can be found on Facebook by searching Capital Fire Training.

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