Busy Friday for Company 59

Friday (11/11), Company 59’s day was started around 10:30 am with a automatic fire alarm in Hummelstown which Rescue 59 was cancelled in minutes. Around 3 pm, calls started rolling in for company 59, the crew just picked up Engine 59 from getting new tires when box 59-5 was struck for an accident with injuries on PA 283 Westbound. LT. 59 responded and once on scene had a five vehicle accident with no injuries with fluids on the ground setting up command 59. Engine 59 responded and once arriving assisted with debris removal and fluid control. Once the vehicles were removed from the roadway by Capital Beltway Patrol, Command 59 placed the box in service.

Engine 59 was pulling back into station 59 when Box 88-3 was struck for an automatic alarm at the School House Apartments, Engine 59 was cancelled by Command 88 as the engine arrived on location.

Engine 59 was returning from the alarm when Dauphin County Communications dispatched Box 88-1 address given as 18 E. Roosevelt for a possible structure fire, reports being the resident came home with her house filled with smoke. Engine 59 arrived on scene within seconds and confirmed heavy smoke in the house. Chief 88 arrived on location and filled the structure box. The 59 crew stretched a single line to the door and started searching for the fire. Two dogs were removed from the home and a small fire in the basement was found and knocked with a can by the engine crew. Once the fire was knocked, venting of the home started and command held the box to 59 and 88 crews. Engine 59 was out for about an hour.

Around 10 pm, Company 59 along with Rescue 88 were dispatched to Box 59-3 to N. Union Street and Fulling Mill Road for a vehicle accident with entrapment. Chief 59-1 responded and was advised of a two vehicle accident with confirmed entrapment and six patients. Rescue 59 and Engine 59 along with Rescue 88 responded. Rescue 59 arrived on location and went to work extricating and providing patient care on the mini van with three entrapped occupants. Engine 59 arrived on location and took the second vehicle and started extracting the single patient that was still inside. The Engine crew extracted the single patient within a few minutes. The Rescue 59 crew along with the Rescue 88 crew, took the passenger side door along with the sliding rear door to extricate the three critical patients. All patients were extricated and patient care was taken over by EMS crews on scene, total of 6 patients were transported by EMS.

Command: Chief 59-1
Operations: Chief 59 & Chief 59-2

Rescue: 59, 88
Engine: 59
Command 59, 59-1
Fire Police 59, 54
EMS Companies:
LifeLion EMS (4)
South Central EMS (7)
Swatara EMS (5)
Londonderry EMS (54)
Lower Swatara PD
Highspire PD

2 Automatic Alarms
2 Vehicle Accidents (1 with four entrapped occupants)
1 Structure Fire

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