Monday Turns Busy for Company 59

Monday (11/28), Company 59 started the day around 1 p.m. with a working house fire in Swatara Township. Engine 59-1 responded and once arriving was sent to work with the interior crews from 49 and 44. After about an hour, Engine 59-1 was released by command 49 due to a working apartment fire in Middletown.

Engine 59-1 went from Swatara Township to Middletown Boro address given was 232 Ann Street at the Schoolhouse Apartments. Chief 88-1 was on scene with a working apartment fire. Engine 88 was already on scene with the fire knocked down, Engine 59-1 arrived on location and assuming R.I.T (Rapid Intervention Team) until being released by command 88, 30 minutes later.

As Engine 59-1 was returning, Chief 55 came upon an accident with possible injuries on N. Union Street. Engine 59-1 arrived and assisted with fluid control. Engine 59-1 retuned 15 minutes later.

Once Engine 59-1 returned, the crews hung christmas lights at Station 59 for the holiday season.

Engine 59 was dispatched again to Middletown for a possible structure fire but was cancelled before arriving on location. Once Engine 59 returned, the crews made their way to the old Jednota Press facility to do some pump operations with Engine 59 and 59-1.

Once the engines returned to quarters, Box 59-1 was struck for an elevator rescue at Penn State Harrisburg. Rescue 59 responded and once arriving assisted with opening the elevator for the three trapped occupants. Once they were freed, Command placed the box in service.

Units for the calls:
Engine 59
Engine 59-1
Rescue 59

Photos courtesy of Matt Miles Photography

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