Single Vehicle Accident at the Horse Farm

Tonight, Chief 456-1 had a walk in at station 456 and called county to advise them to dispatch company 59 for a single vehicle accident at the horse farm on Longview Drive. Chief 456-1 arrived on location with a vehicle into a pole with one injury. Due to the massive driver side damage, the pateint had self extracted ebfore the units arrived. Rescue 59 marked up with Chief 59-1 a minute after dispatch. Once arriving on location, the crew checked out the patient and checked for any hazards/fluids. No fluids or hazards were found. EMS arrived on location and patient care was transfered. The crew awaited the tow and once the vehicle was cleared command placed the box in service.

Command: Chief 59-1 & Chief 456-1

Rescue 59
Command 59
Utility 456
Life Lion EMS
Lower Swatara PD

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