Early Morning Head-on Collision on Eisenhower Blvd

This morning (12/23) Around 1 AM, Company 59 was dispatched to the intersection of Eisenhower Blvd & Fulling Mill Road for a two vehicle accident, reported head on. Chief 59 responded and was on scene within a minute of dispatch confirming the report. Chief 59 added Rescue 49 to the box due to the extent of the damage. Rescue 59 responded and once arriving checked both vehciles with a single patient still inside the vehicle. Lt. 59 took operations, and the crew started patient care and stablizing the vehicle. LT. 59 advised Rescue 49 could cancel and held the assignment to company 59 only. Once the vehicle was stablized, the crew extracted the patient and transferred care to EMS. Engine 59 arrived on location and took the other vehicle to secure the hazards and assist the ems with other patient.

Once all the hazards were controlled and all three pateints in the care of ems. Command held the assignment to Rescue 59. Once the tow company arrived on location, the vehicles were removed. Command placed the box in service with the crews being out for over an hour.

Command: Chief 59
Operations: Lt. 59 & Chief 59-1

Rescue 59
Engine 59
Life Lion EMS: 4-1
Life Lion Supervisor
Swatara EMS: 5-1, 5-2
Lower Swatara Police Department
Highspire Police Department
Steelton Police Department

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