Christmas Eve Vehicle Accident with Confinment

Company 59 and Rescue 88 reponded to Fulling Mill Rd and N. Union Street for an accident with possible entrapment. Chief 59-1 responded and was advised by PD of a single vehicle off the roadway with a single patient under the dash. Chief 59-1 arrived confirmening the report and advised of confinement, command held the assignment to company 59 only. Rescue and Engine 59 arrived on scene, the crew secured the vehicle and provided pateint care. The pateint was removed from the vehicle and care was transfered to ems. Once the pateint was in the care of EMS, no fire assigntance was needed and command placed the box in service.

Command: Chief 59-1
Operations: Chief 59-2

Rescue 59, 88
Engine 59
Lower Swatara PD
Highspire PD
Life Lion EMS
Life Lion EMS Supervisor

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