Engine 59-1 Progress Report #11

The NEW Engine 59-1 is complete. The crews are excited to see the engine completed and ready for review. The committee members will be heading down to do the final inspection in a few days. Once the engine arrives in Central Pennsylvania, it will be lettered and tools will be mounted. Training will be done for all operators, once this is completed Engine 59-1 will be placed in service.

H-4806 Lower Swatara, PA

Type: Custom Rescue Pumper

Chassis: Ferrara Intruder 2 custom fire chassis; Cummins ISL-450 engine; Allison 3000 EVS transmission; Intruder 2 extended medium cab with 12” raised roof; Seating for 6; Extreme Duty insulation package; HID headlights.

Body: Heavy duty extruded aluminum fire body; Left and right side full height x 28” deep compartments; Ladders/pike poles between tank and high sides; Spare SCBA over rear wheels; Chassis air outlets in wheel wells.

Pump: Waterous CSU 1500 GPM; Hinged right side pump panel; Fire Research InControl pressure governor; Front suction with Monarch electric valve and 6” swivel; Front jump line; Single plumbed crosslay; Dry crosslay; Rear 2-1/2” discharge; Deck gun plumbing with TFT Extend-A-Gun; Right side LDH discharge; Waterous Platinum Series 200 CFM CAFS; Williams Fire & Hazard Advent 12 foam system.

Tank: 500 gallon poly water tank; 2-1/2” direct tank inlet on side panel; 20 and 30 gallon integral foam cells.

Feature: Code 3 LED warning lights; Federal Signal Q2B siren; Westerbeke 10 kW diesel generator; 2 Fire Research 1000W telescopic lights; Fire Research 1000W brow light.

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