2nd Working Fire for Saturday Crews

After crews cleaned up from the Oberlin Road Structure Fire, Box 88-3 was hit for an automatic fire alarm at 149 Wilson Street. Engine 59-1 and Rescue 59 were on the road within minutes. The crews arrived and had a broken hot water heater on the 3rd floor that caused the alarm. The crews were clearing when Box 88-2 was hit for a reported house fire at 1105 Vine Street. Command 88 arrived with a 2-story residence with exterior fire showing. Engine 59-1 and Rescue 59 were on the street immediately with 12 personnel. The crews arrived on location with Rescue 59 taking side A and Engine 59-1 taking the hydrant and stretching a 2.5″ leader line with a 1.5″ attack line. The crews made entry and found smoke and fire on division two. The rescue crew threw a ladder and started knocking the exterior fire down with a can, interior crews opened up division two and knocked the rest of the fire down quickly. Control was marked in about 10 minutes. Once overhaul was completed, Command held the box to 88, 59 and Truck 50. Crews were out for about an hour.

Command: Chief 88-2
Operations: Chief 59-1

Engine: 59-1, 59, 88, 54 and Lanco 7-4-2 (RIT)
Truck: 88, 50
Rescue: 59, 88
FM 88 & 88-1
South Central EMS

More Pictures Coming Soon…

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