Structure Fire in the 59-4 Box

Around Midnight last night, Company 59 and mutual aid units were dispatched to 25 Richard Avenue for a structure fire with reports of fire in the kitchen. LT. 59 responded and was on scene within seconds with a single story ranch with smoke showing from the front door side A setting up Command 59. Engine 59 arrived on scene with a hydrant across the street from the residence and laid in, a single handline was pulled. Chief 59-2 took operations and had a kitchen fire with no extension reporting the fire knocked down with a can, PPV was started. Truck 88 took side a of the structure while Engine 59-1 nosed in to Engine 59. Engine 55 took side B and manpower was established at the rear of Engine 59. Operations reported that the assignment could be held to company 59 only. Command downgraded the assignment to company 59 and alerted for a County FM. Once the investigation was completed, the crews took up with command placing the 59 box in service. Crews were out for about an hour and a half.

Great Job to All The Crews Involved!

Command: LT. 59
Operations: Chief 59-2
Safety: Chief 59-1
Manpower: Chief 55-2

Engine: 59, 59-1, 55
Truck: 88
Rescue: 59, 44 (RIT)
South Central EMS
Lower Swatara Police Department
Dauphin County Fire Marshal

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