Friday The 13th, Gives FDLS Two Responses

This Morning, Company 59 responded to an automatic fire alarm at 1000 Kreider Drive. Engine 59 responded and once on scene had a false trip of the system. Command placed the box in service minutes after. Crews were out for about half an hour.

Engine 59
Truck 88

Shorty after the automatic fire alarm, Rescue and Engine 59 were dispatched to 95 Lake Drive for a vehicle into a structure with one injury. Engine and Rescue 59 arrived on location confirming the report. The crew started patient care and checked the structure for any damage. EMS arrived on location and patient care was transferred. The trailer suffered some damage and it was moved a few inches because of the impact.

Command: LT. 59
Operations: LT. 59-1

Engine 59
Rescue 59
University EMS
Lower Swatara PD

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