Vehicle Takes Flight in the 55 Box

Wednesday, Company 55 along with Rescue 50, 59 and 49 were dispatched to Second Street and Eisenhower BLVD for an accident with entrapment. Engine 55 and Rescue 50 arrived on location with a vehicle that left the roadway and flew into the back Stadium Club parking lot with the vehicle hung up on the guardrail of a 10 foot drop to a creek. Rescue 59 arrived on location with the crew splitting doing stabilization, patient care and extraction. The front wench off Rescue 59 was utilized to support the rear of the vehicle while the crew, extracted the single patient within a few minutes of arrival with the “A” post and door removed. Once the patient was out of the vehicle and transferred to EMS. The crews awaited the Dauphin County Reconstruction Team. Once the team arrived, Rescue 59 was cleared by Command 55, the crew 59 was out for about an hour.

Command: Chief 55-2
Operations: Captain 55

Engine 55
Rescue: 59, 50 & 49
Lower Swatara PD
Highspire PD
Steelton PD
Dauphin County Reconstruction Team
Fire Police: 55

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