Working Fire in the 50-1 Box

Yesterday Evening, Engine 59 was dispatched to assist company 50 (steelton) with a working house fire for manpower. Engine 59 responded immediately with five personnel a minute after dispatch. Engine 59 arrived on location with the crews sent to work immediately with the crews splitting to division two and three to check for anymore extension and overhaul. The crews pulled walls and ceiling for about two hours before being released by Command 50.

Command: Chief 50

Engine: 50, 59, 55, 55-1, 41, 49
Truck: 50, 88
Rescue: 50, 88, 48, 40 and 37
Air: 41
Highspire Police Department
Steelton Police Department
Fire Police: 50, 55

Photos Courtesy of CapitalCityFirePhotos and Central PA Bravest

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