Expect the Unexpected

This Morning, company 59 was dispatched to PA 283 Westbound Ramp to PA 283 Northbound for a vehicle accident with injuries. Rescue and Chief 59 responded, units arrived on scene with vehicles off the side of the roadway with all occupants out of the vehicles. A Dauphin County sheriff unit had also pulled over to assist with the accident. The crew had two patients with head injuries and lacerations on their faces. The crews went to work with treatment until EMS arrived on location. Furtherer investigation concluded finding the vehicle was not anywhere around them. The vehicles that were around, were witnesses of the accident so the investigation started with the crew finding the single vehicle had left the roadway over 100 yards up the ramp before the guardrail and went off the roadway striking multiple trees with the vehicle resting down an embankment covered in growth. The crew checked the single vehicle for any hazards which none were found. The crew awaited the tow company to arrive on location to extract the vehicle. The crews were out for about two hours standing by for safety for the tow company.

Command: Chief 59

Engine 59
Rescue 59
Lower Swatara PD
Pennsylvania State Police
Tow Company

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