Accident with Unknown Injuries

Yesterday (6/27), Company 59 was dispatched to Riverview Drive and Spring Garden Drive for an accident with unknown injuries. The police department arrived on scene with a vehicle down an embankment with a single patient. The Chief, Rescue and Engine 59 all responded, once on scene Chief 59 arrived setting up Command 59 confirming a single vehicle down an embankment. Rescue 59 arrived and went to assist EMS with the single patient and to check for hazards. No hazards were found with the vehicle and the single patient was not injuried. The fire crews remained until the tow company arrived on location. Dauphin County Communications advised command of a medical emergency in the township and wanted Rescue 59 to respond. Rescue 59 took in a second due, class one medical emergency while standing by for a stroke victim. Chief and Enigne 59 stood by until the vehicle was removed.

Command: Chief 59

Enigne 59
Rescue 59
Command 59
MICU 4-1
Lower Swatara Police Department
Tow Company

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