Heat Wave Brings Multiple Calls for Co. 59

For the past week, Central Pennsylvania has been hit with temperatures that are unbearable for most people but for firefighters it is even worse. On Thursday, July 5th the heat was in the low 90’s but feeling like the low 100’s. Company 59 responded to an automatic fire alarm and a phantom brush fire on PA 283 in the early morning hours.

The next call came around noon to South Hanover Township for a possible structure fire. Tanker 59 was out quickly with chief 46 on the scene of a working barn fire at the rear of the address. Tanker 59 arrived as the second tanker on scene providing water to the fire attack crews. The barn was a complete lose within minutes of the fire starting and crews spent over three hours with extinguishment of hot spots and investigation. Once the overhaul and fire was marked under control, command placed Tanker 59 in service.

As the crews were operating the barn fire, Hershey had a multiple alarm (5 Alarms) fire at the old Hershey arena where Dauphin County was almost stripped of services. Company 59 had a crew standing-by for any other emergency that might come in during that time.

The Tanker returned to quarters and was soon hit out for another possible fire in Londonderry Township. Tanker 59 hit the road again quickly, arriving first on scene with nothing showing from all sides. The crews from 59, 54 and 32 investigated and found a burnt up unit and the box was placed in service within thirty minutes.

The heat was still very present even in the evening hours as Dauphin County communications hit out the Water Rescue Unit for a possible missing tuber. The water unit along with Rescue 59, Water 46 and 10 responded. Chief 59 arrived setting up Command 59 at Fulling Mill Road. Chief 59 was advised that the Police Department was with the mother and finally made contact with her daughter and no emergency services were needed, Command 59 placed all units in service.

Command: Chief 59

Rescue 59
Utility 59
Boats: 59, 59-1, 46 & 10

The final call for Thursday, came around 7 pm for a possible structure fire in Highspire borough. Engine 59 was out within a minute with a full crew of eight. Chief 55-1 was on scene with a working fire in the rear bedroom of the structure. Engine 59 arrived taking the hydrant and laying in from Race Street. The Engine crew pulled a backup line for the interior crews along with providing crews for overhaul. The fire was knocked quickly and the event was held to Company 55, Truck 50 and Engine 59. Engine59 laid approx. 900 feet of 5 inch supply line to the scene, command held the box all units until the units had picked up. The units were out for about two hours.

Command: Chief 55-1

Engine: 59, 55, 55-1
Rescue: 49, 50
Truck: 50, 88
Air: 41
EMS: 7-3
Chief 91

The crews were busy on Thursday but the volunteers of Lower Swatara along with all Dauphin County companies have been busy in the heat. The fire crews do not stop because of the heat but please stay hydrated and keep cool.

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