Close Call on PA 283

This afternoon, 59-5 box was struck for an accident with injuries involving a tractor trailer on PA 283. Rescue 59 and Chief 59-1 were enroute in less than a minute. The caller reported the accident westbound in the area of North Union Street. Rescue 59 and Chief 59-1 arrived on location at the on-ramp from Vine Street to PA 283 making the call in Londonderry Township. The 54 OIC was notified and operations began, with both occupants out walking around. The crews assisted EMS with patient care and checked the vehicles for hazards. No hazards were found with both vehicles involved. Once the patients were loaded, the crews waited for the tow company to arrive and the Pennsylvania State Police. PA State Police arrived on location and with no fire services needed, command placed the box in service.

Command: Chief 59-1 (Brown)

Engine 59
Rescue 59
Command 59-1
Command 54
MICU (4-1, 4-2)
Pennsylvania State Police
Fire Police 54

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