Working “Cabin” Fire on Shelly Island

This morning, Box 54-9 was struck to the Susquehanna River, on Shelley Island, for a possible structure fire. The initial report was a boater in the area confirming a well involved “cabin” on the west shore side of Shelly Island. Chief 54 and Boats 54, 88 were first on the scene with a thermal column from Tri-County Boat Launch. Command 54 quickly upgraded the box for more boats bring in the 59 boats and Lancaster boat 7-1 (Bainbridge). The FDLS water unit was on the street, launching boat 59 at Tri-County bring manpower and equipment to the scene. Once boat 59 arrived on Shelly Island, the crews assisted with extinguishment along with extensive overhaul. After about an hour, command marked control on the incident. The crew remained on scene to assist until the fire marshal arrived on location. Once the fire marshal arrived, command released boat 59. The crews returned after about two hours of work on the scene.

Command: Chief 54 (Shellenhamer)
Operations: Captain 54
Staging: Chief 54-1 (Nissley)

Engine: 54-1
Tanker: 54
Boats: 59, 88, 54, Lanco 7-1 & 7-1-2
PSP Fire Marshall

photos Courtesy of Captain 88 Coble

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