Accident with Confinement on RT 441

Early Saturday morning, Company 59 and Rescue 88 were dispatched to RT 441 for an accident with possible entrapment involving a single vehicle. Rescue and Engine 59 responded and once on location had a single vehicle in the middle of the road with two patients. Chief 59 arrived moments after both Rescue and Engine 59 arrived, setting up command 59. Rescue 59 started vehicle rescue operations with splitting the crews assisting with one patient that was out walking around which was ejected. The second patient was thrown to the rear of the vehicle and rested in the trunk, confined. After assessing the accident operations advised Rescue 88 could cancel, holding the units on scene. Once both patients were packaged and in the care of EMS, the crew awaited the tow. The roadway was cleared, command placed the box in service minutes later. The crews were out for about an hour.

Command: Chief 59
Operations: LT. 59

Rescue: 59, 88
Engine 59
Command 59
Lower Swatara PD
University EMS (4-1)
South Central EMS (7-3)
Fire Police 59

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