Confinement in Highspire

On Wednesday, Rescue 59 was dispatched to second street and franklinf or an accident with possible confinement. Rescue 59 was out in less than a minute with a crew of six personnel. Chief 55-2 arrived on location with a single vehicle that hit a parked car and rolled with a single patient inside. Rescue 59 arrived right behind Rescue 50 taking second due rescue duties with stablization, patient care and poping the drivers door. Once the drivers door was open, the crews extricated the single patient. Patient care was transferred to EMS, command placed the Rescues in service. The crew was out for about 45 minutes.

Command: Chief 55-2

Engine: 55, 55-1
Rescue: 59, 50 & 49
Utility 50
Highspire PD
Fire Police 55

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