Out with the Old, In with the New.

Tonight, company members spent a few hours moving 5 inch hose and equipment over from the old Engine 59-1, a 1978 Mack to the new 2012 Ferrera Pumper. Engine 59-1 will be the front line engine for FDLS along with surrounding mutual aid areas moving the 1998 Seagrave to a secondary engine role. The first call for the new engine came only after thirty minutes of being in service which was a automatic fire alarm to Middletown.

The company is excited about the new engine as it will provide service to Lower Swatara Township and mutual aid areas for many years to come.

Company 59 Apparatus List:
Engine 59 (Seagrave)
Engine 59-1 (Ferrera)
Engine 59-2 (Mack)
Rescue 59 (Mack)
Tanker 59 (Mack)
Utility 59 (GMC)
Command 59 (Ford)
Command 59-1 (Ford)
Command 59-2 (GMC)

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