Working House Fire in Middletown

Monday Morning around 4 am, Engine 59-1 and Rescue 59 were dispatched to Spring Street in Middletown fire a working structure fire. Engine 59-1 was out within minutes followed by Rescue 59. Engine 59-1 arrived taking the hydrant on High Street sending manpower to assist with extingushment and a primary search. The crews assisted the Middletown (88) crews with extingushment of the fire building and checking the attached structure for extension which a considerable amount was found. Once the bunk of the fire was knocked down the crews assisted with overhaul until being released by command 88 about 3 hours later.

Around 8:45 a.m. Monday morning, Engine 59-1 was dispatched again to the same address reporting a small fire in the porch area. Engine 59-1 arrived on location and extinguished the small fire within minutes.

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Command: Chief 88
Operations: Chief 88-2
Manpower: Captain 54

Engine: 59-1, 88, 55, 54, 48, 46, 41, 50, 49
Rescue: 59, 88
Truck: 88, 50
Air: 41
Middletown Electric

Use the Links below for Great Pictures from our Dauphin County’s Finest!!i=2197089621&k=MzjWFBb

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