Two Accidents for the 59 Crews

Today, Company 59 responded to two vehicle accidents with injuries both in the one box. The first accident came on Stoner Drive with a single vehicle accident with rollover with no injuries. The accident totaled a single vehicle but the occupant escaped with no injuries. The accident closed Stoner Drive for a few hours as PP& L had to replace a Utility Pole that was involved in the accident.

Rescue 59
Engine 88

The second accident occurred on PA 230 right at the airport connector, around 7 pm with reports of two vehicles in the middle of the roadway with injuries. Rescue, Engine 59-1 and Chief 59-1 were out within a few seconds of dispatch with full crews. All units arrived together with Rescue 59 taking the first vehicle and Engine 59-1 taking a blocking position and having vehicle two. Both units had injuries; the crews assisted EMS with a total of four patients. Once all the debris was cleared from the roadway and patients were in the care of EMS. Command 59 placed the box in service after about an hour on scene.

Command: Chief 59-1

Rescue 59
Engine 59-1
Command 59
Command 59-1
Lower Swatara PD
Fire Police 59
Highspire PD
University EMS (4-1, 4-7)
South Central EMS (7-3)

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