Second Alarm Structure Fire in the 88 Box

As the New Year’s parties were wrapping up, box 88-2 was struck for a working structure fire with entrapment at 293 East Main Street at Demp’s Tavern. The police department was on scene reporting a working incident with entrapment, Chief 88-1 responded reporting the same on arrival quickly upgrading to a second alarm. Engine 59-1 responded and once on scene took the main street side of the structure with truck 46 supplying them water. The engine crew reported to Chief 88 and was told to go to work searching the second floor of the fire building. The crew accessed the second floor via ground ladder and started the search, which proved negative. The crew started to open up by pulling ceiling and knocking down fire in the apartments but due to fire conditions worsening and the structure giving away command evacuated the structure going to a defensive operation.

The engine crew then stretched a blitz fire to the side of the building and began operations from the exterior. As the fire was being knocked down the crew was instructed to assist with opening up with the truck 88 crew. The crew assisted with venting and opening up the structure so the defensive operation could be effective. As the incident was winding down, the engine crew was relieved by other crews on the scene. A great job was done by all the companies involved.

Command: Chief 88-1
Operations: Chief 88

Engine: 88,59-1, 54, 55, 46, 33-1, LANCO 74-1 (RIT)
Truck:88, 46, LANCO 74, 50
Rescue: 88, 59, 40, 50, 46 and 48
Air: 41, 48
EMS: MICU 7-3, 720
Fire Police 54
Middletown PD
Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal
FM 88-1
Middletown Electric
American Red Cross

Photos courtesy of Jason Coleman-Cobb at

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