American Red Cross Grant brings AEDs

Today, a crew made their way to the American Red Cross in Harrisburg to pick up two new AED units that the American Red Cross received as part of a grant from the Dauphin County Casino Board. The two AED units will go into service immediately with one replacing a aged AED unit on Rescue 59 and the other will be placed on another unit at Station 59. You will now find the life saving units on most company 59 apparatus with both engine companies, rescue company and all chief officer vehicles along with a medical bag. The station also has a large number of EMTs on staff at all hours of the day providing Emergency Medical Service to Lower Swatara Township.

What is a AED you ask?
An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the potentially life threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient, and is able to treat them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm.

We thank the American Red Cross & the Dauphin County Casino Board for providing the life saving devices to our company and the community we serve.

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