Working Garage Fire in the 54 Box

Early this morning, Tanker 59 and Engine 59-1 responded to Londonderry Township for a working four bay, garage fire. Chief 54 arrived on location with a fully involved structure requesting tankers. Tanker 59 responded first from station 59 as Londonderry has very little hydrants to be utilized so water must be shuttled in from tankers. Tanker 59 arrived on location, dropping its port-a-tank and 2,500 gallons of water. Command 54 advised Engine 59-1 to set up a fill site on Main Street at pineford to start filling Tankers as the other fill sites were not available. Engine 59-1 filled six tankers totaling 13,500 gallons of water which the tankers shuttled that water to the fire scene. The fire was marked until control in about an hour with extensive overhaul. The crews were out for about three hours until returning available.

Command: Chief 54
Water Operations: Chief 54-1

Engine: 59-1, 88, 54, 54-1, LANCO 74-1
Truck: 88
Tanker: 59, 54, LANCO 70, LEB 3
Air: 48
South Central EMS (MICU 7-3)

Photos Courtesy of LT. R. Myers (EFD)

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