Early Morning Confinement on PA 283

This morning (4/2), company 59 was dispatched to PA 283 westbound for an accident with injuries involving three vehicles reporting two injuries. Rescue 59 responded and once arriving found PA 283 shut down confirming the report with the updated information of the accident being at the Lumber Street Bridge with LT. 59 taking command 59. The crews located the two injuries with one vehicle & patient against the bridge wall confined in the vehicle. The crew stretched tools to the vehicle and prepared to extricate via removing the rear door and “B” post. Engine 49 arrived on location assisting with stabilizing the vehicle, patient care and extrication. The crews removed the rear door and post along with having to cut out the rear seats due to the massive impact that the vehicle took during the accident. The single patient was extricated in a matter of minutes. It was a great use of teamwork as both companies worked flawless together.

Command: LT. 59
Operations: LT. 49

Rescue 59
Engine 49, 59-1
Life Lion EMS: MICU 4-1, 4-2
Pennsylvania State Police
PennDot Safety Patrol

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