Working Vehicle Fire on the Q-RAMP

On Wednesday, Box 76-1 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) was dispatched near the turnpike toll booths for a reported pick-up truck on fire. Chief 55-1 went enroute immediately, and minutes later located the vehicle fire on the ramp from PA 283 westbound to PA 283 Northbound making it a 59 box. Chief 55-1 advised of a working fire and set up command 59. Engine 59 responded within a few minutes along with Engine 55. Engine 59 arrived on location with LT. 59 taking operations leaving Chief 55-1 in command of the incident. The 59 crew deployed a single CAFs 1inch & 3/4 handline to knock down the fire. Engine 55 arrived as well sending its crew to assist with extinguishment and opening up the vehicle also deploying another 1 inch & 3/4 handline. The bulk of the fire was knocked down within 5 minutes but due to a ruptured fuel tank, a fuel fire started and crews worked to extinguish the fuel fire with Class “B” or (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam, AR-AFFF). The foam was flowed then a dry chemical extinguisher was used to do the final knock down on the fuel fire. Once the fire was marked under control, operations advised of fuel running down the roadway and the hazmat duty officer should be notified. The crews then went mitigate the hazard by damming the fuel so it did not enter the storm system. Once all the tasks were completed, the tow company arrived on location removing the vehicle. The crew broke down all the lines and once back in ready service. Command 59 placed the box in service.

Command: Chief 55-1
Operations: LT. 59

Engine 59, 55
Tanker 59
Command: 59-1, 55
Duty Officer 77
Pennsylvania State Police
PennDot Safety Patrol

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