Vehicle into a Structure for the Daylight Crew

On Tuesday, company 59 was dispatched to a vehicle accident with a vehicle reported thru a house. Rescue 59 along with Captain 59-1 was on the street in minutes. Rescue 59 arrived with a two story residential with a vehicle thru the garage. EMS arrived a minute before the fire department and had the single patient extricated from the passenger side of the vehicle. The Rescue crew along with the Township Fire Marshal checked the house for any structural damage. The crew found a load barring wall that was pushed by the vehicle but the house was deemed safe to work inside. The crew removed a few gas cans from under the vehicle and secured utilities Once the patient and the house was secure, command placed the box in service.

Command: Captain 59-1
Operations: Lt. 59

Rescue 59
Engine 59
Command 59-2
Fire Marshal 59
Life Lion EMS (MICU 4-1)
Lower Swatara Police Department

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