Today, Various fire and hazardous materials teams from the region converged on Station 59 for the Weavertown “Bottoms-UP” training. The training brought in a tanker truck that could be rolled in any position providing teams a opportunity to use various tools and skills to plug, cap various leaks along with “hot drill” the tanker in a controlled environment. The day started in the classroom and quickly moved outside to start the live “demo.” The crews got to cap and plug holes while the tanker truck was rolled over on its side. Also, a crew “hot drilled” the tanker to simulate a offload of fuel from the tanker. The crews worked great together and got some great hands on experience.

A special THANKS goes out to Petroleum Products Corporation for setting the event up for the regions teams.

Command: PPC

Lower Swatara Fire Department
Dauphin County Hazardous Materials Response Team
Lancaster Country Hazardous Materials Response Team
York County Hazardous Materials Response Team
Penn State Hazardous Materials Response Team
York Rescue 69
Federal Fire Department

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