Early Morning Tanker Run to Interstate 81

Early Thursday morning, Box 1-3 was struck to Interstate 81 northbound at the Route 322 Westbound exit ramp for a overturned tanker truck. The driver of the tanker truck had self-extracted then the tanker truck burst into flames. Tankers were immediately dispatched due to no water being available on the interstate. Tanker 59 was requested to assist with water operations. Tanker 59 responded immediately and once arriving dropped their tank water (2,500 Gallons) and went to the fill site to fill up. As the fire was extinguished, Tanker 59 was then requested to stand-by at station 37-2 as most of the counties water tankers were being utilized. As the fire was knocked down and under control, command 5 released Tanker 59 after about three hours of operating. The bulk of the fire started to diminish in about 45 minutes and crews were able to move in a fully extinguish the fire. Interstate 81 was shut down in both directions creating a traffic nightmare in the Harrisburg area. The ramp in which the truck overturned and the Route 22 ramp overhead which is now structurally compromised will be closed for an extended period of time.

Command: Chief 5 (Harrisburg City)

Harrisburg City Units:
Wagon 3
Tower 2
Squad 8

Dauphin County Units:
Engines: 32, 37-2 (Fill Site)
Tanker: 59, 54, 39, 38, 37, 35 and 47
Dauphin County Hazmat
PPC Foam Unit
Susquehanna PD
Pennsylvania State Police

Cumberland Units:
Engine 20
Numerous Traffic Units

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