Welcoming A Hero Home

This morning, Engine 59-2 (Mack) and Truck 88 welcomed home a new resident into Lower Swatara Township. In the past few months, Helping a Hero Foundation started a project for SGT. Dennis Leonard (Ret) and today the keys were turned over to his new home on Morgan Drive. Helping a Hero is a volunteer driven organization with a bare bones staff that works with builders, developers and the community to provide homes to our wounded heroes that are fully adapted to their special needs. To date, the foundation has awarded 90 homes in 21 states and today brought one to Lower Swatara Township.

We at Lower Swatara Fire Department thank all our Hometown Heroes from all branches of the military past and present.

Congratulations SGT. Dennis Leonard (Ret)!

Thank You to Truck 88 for “flying” the American Flag for us.

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