HIA Emergency Drill

This weekend, Harrisburg International Airport held its tri-annual full scale emergency drill. The drill was held on HIA property that included Fire, Police and EMS resources from all parts of South Central Pennsylvania, which included three different counties. The exercise scenario had a plane off the runway into the “pit” area of the airport on the east end. Fire resources from the airport responded immediately with a column of smoke from station 70. As airport resources responded minutes later resources from Middletown, Lower Swatara, Highspire along with other units on the first alarm. Station 70 (HIA) and 71 (National Guard) were already operating when the county units arrived on location. The Lower Swatara and Middletown units teamed up to take on the rescues from the mock fuselages (cars) and with patients trapped under large “airplane” parts. The crews from Middletown and Lower Swatara handling about 12 rescues during the exercise with assistance from the Station 71s rescue crew. Once all the patients were extricated, the FDLS crews assisted with various other tasks as needed, including triage. This drill was a great way for multiple resources from different areas to work together in a real life emergency scenario.

All crews from all different agencies worked well together, making it a successful drill.

Command: Captain 701
Operations: Chief 71
Manpower: Chief 71-2

Engine: 701, 702, 703, 71-1, 59-1, 88 and 55
Rescue: 59, 88, 50, 49, 71, 48, York 69
Attack: 706
Truck: 88, 50
Tanker: 59, 54, 47, York 68, Lancaster 71
Aero Medical: Life Lion
Quick Response Unit: 70Q
EMS: University EMS, Northwest EMS, Londonderry EMS
American Red Cross
Dauphin County Coroner

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