Pineford Village Goes Two Bells This Morning

This morning (around 4 a.m.) Engine 59-1 and Rescue 59 were dispatched to Box 88-2, the address being 1601 Pineford Drive for a reported structure fire. Chief 88 arrived to a two story townhouse with smoke showing on Side A. Chief 88 was quickly advised of a working dryer fire by the Police Department and set up command 88. Engine 88 laid in from the hydrant on Pineford Drive while Engine 59-1 picked it up at the plug. Engine 59-1 sent manpower forward with Lt. 59 taking manpower staging. Engine 88s crew quickly knocked the fire in the dryer and checked for extension (nothing found). The Engine 88 crew removed the dryer from the residence with command marking control and the incident was scaled back to Company 88.

Command: Chief 88 (Whitebread)
Operations: Chief 88-2 (Scheetz)

Engine: 88, 59-1, 54 and Lanco 74-1 (RIT)
Truck: 88
Rescue: 88, 59
South Central EMS

Around 7 a.m. box 88-2 was struck again for 1601 Pineford Drive for a working structure fire. Chief 88 was on scene with EMS stating heavy smoke and visible fire on Division 1 (First Floor) setting up command 88 striking a first alarm. Engine 88 responded and took the hydrant on Pineford Drive and laid into the scene. Engine 59-1 and Engine 54 arrived at the same time with Engine 54 taking the hydrant on Hoffer Street laying a secondary water source to the scene with Engine 59-1 taking the plug. Once the Engine 59-1 crew arrived, they were sent immediately to work checking for extension in the adjacent townhomes. The crew found extension into the attic area of the Bravo Exposure holding the attic at the plywood wall until the Engine 88 crew could knock it from the fire building. Once the fire was knocked, the 59 crew moved to the delta exposure to check for extension which minor extension was found and knocked. The crew then assisted with overhaul until the incident was scaled back. Command 88 marked control at 08:01:23 holding the units on the scene.

Command: Chief 88 (Whitebread)
Operations: Chief 88-2 (Scheetz)

Engine: 88, 59-1, 54, 55, 46, 50, 48 and Lanco 74-1 (RIT)
Truck: 88, 46, 50, 32, 48 and Lanco 74
Rescue: 88, 59, 50
Air: 41
Fire Marshal 88 & 88-1
Traffic 88
South Central EMS

Stand-By for 88: Engine 49
Stand-by for 55: Cumberland Squad-13

News Report from the Press and Journal

Photos Courtesy of WHTM, E-Town Fire, MiddletownPADauphinCounty

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