Chimney Fire in the 4 Box

On Saturday, Company 59 and Truck 88 were dispatched to 880 Bayberry Road for a possible chimney fire. Chief 59-1 responded immediately in which the caller reported sparks from the top of the chimney and everyone evacuated. Chief 59-1 arrived on location with a two-story residential structure with nothing showing from all sides setting up command 59. Engine 59-1 arrived on location taking a hydrant right across the street sending a crew inside to investigate. Truck 88 arrived right behind Engine 59-1 taking the address side and set up to go to the roof. The interior crews cleared the fire box while the truck prepared to drop chains. Engine 59 arrived on location and took a secondary water supply while Rescue 59 staged. While the crews investigated, it was determined chains did not need to be dropped and command held the box to the Engine and Truck. Command placed the box in service after an hour of operating.

Command: Chief 59-1
Operations: Lt. 59-1

Engine: 59-1, 59
Truck: 88
Rescue: 59


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