Garage Fire in the 55 Box

Yesterday afternoon, Engine 59-1 was dispatched to 457 Second Street for a reported garage on fire. The police department arrived quickly reporting heavy smoke in the area and a working fire to the rear of the address. Chief 55-1 arrived on location reporting the same setting up command 55. Engine 55 took the first engine company duties with extinguishment. Engine 41 arrived and dropped a supply line to Engine 55. Engine 59-1 arrived on location staging in the Dollar General parking lot sending manpower to Truck 50. Engine 59-1s crew was utilized with Engine 41s crew to open up the exterior of the structure for crews extinguishing the fire. Once the garage was opened up, command marked the incident control. Engine 59-1 was placed in service minutes later; crews were out for about an hour.

Command: Chief 55-1
Operations: Chief 501
Manpower: Chief 49-2

Engine: 59-1, 55, 41,
Truck: 50, 88
Rescue: 50, 49 and 40 (RIT)
Air: 41, Cumberland Air 13
Highspire Police Department
Highspire Fire Police

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