The Lower Swatara Volunteer Fire Department will be accepting sealed bids for 1975/1990 Mack CF/Ranger Rescue

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The Lower Swatara Volunteer Fire Department will be accepting sealed bids for 1975/1990 Mack CF/Ranger Rescue

Conditions for sale of installed equipment:
This vehicle will come equipped as seen with decals, Emergency Lights, Federal Q2B, Electronic siren and speaker, Kussmaul charging system, 20KW PTO generator, Electric Amkus Unit and 2(TWO) 100ft Amkus Hose reels, 4(Four) 200’ electric cord reels, 6,000 PSI cascade System with fill station, installed Radios, Front and rear winches, Flash Lights, “M” oxygen cylinder with mutilator, 3.5KW portable generator other Misc. Equipment. This sale is As-Is and Final. Property is sold as surplus property in its current “As-Is” condition. The description provided in this invitation is based solely upon general observations. Items listed may need repair or be incomplete. Bidders are invited, encouraged and cautioned to carefully inspect property offered in the invitation prior to submitting a bid. Failure to inspect property shall not constitute grounds for a claim or for the withdrawal of a bid after the close of the auction. The Lower Swatara Volunteer Fire Department makes no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, as to kind, character, or quality of the property, or its fitness for any use or purpose nor does the Lower Swatara Volunteer Fire Department warrant that any item sold will pass a city, state, or federal inspection.
To schedule an appointment to inspect this vehicle, please contact LT. Jessica Etzle at (717) 315-0364.

If interested, please submit a sealed bid to:
Lower Swatara Volunteer Fire Department
Attn: Mack Rescue Bid
1350 Fulling Mill Road
Middletown, Pa 17057

Bids may also be delivered in person to the Firehouse at 1350 Fulling Mill Road Middletown Pa. Bids will be received until opened at 7PM, Monday January 5th 2015, at the Firehouse.
Please include in a sealed envelope:
Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address)
Bid Amount
** The Lower Swatara Volunteer Fire Department reserves the right to reject any and all Bids.**

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