Duel Entrapment in the 59-2 Box

During rush hour the evening of Jan 5, box 59-2 was dispatched for an accident on Rt 230 in the area of Highspire Homes.  Rescue 59 was out of service to finish mounting of equipment.  Rescue 88 was assigned with Company 59 to handle the call. Rescue 49 was added soon after by the County with confirmation of a head on crash with two entrapped. Chief 59-1 (Brown) arrived confirming reports of two trapped in a single vehicle. Engine 59-1 ( Lt Zimmerman) arrived taking extrication assigning his crew and Rescue 88 to remove two doors and the roof. Rescue 49 arrived and was assigned to assisting with removing the roof and pulling a suppression line. The Patients were removed and transported by University EMS. Thanks to the supporting Rescue companies for assisting on the extraction.

Command: Chief 59-1
Operations: LT. 59-1

Engine 59
Engine 59-1
Rescue: 88, 49
University EMS
Lower Swatara Police Department

59-2-box1-01052015 59-2-box2-01052015 59-2-box3-01052015

Photos Courtesy of Swatara Fire (49)

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