Chicken Coop Fire in 54 Box

On March 15th at 16:00hrs, Engine 59-1 and Tanker 59 were dispatched on the 1st alarm assignment to Lodonderry Twp to assist with a chicken coop fire. Engine 59-1 and Tanker 59 responded with a total of 8 personel as chief 54 arrived with fire at the far end of the coop. Tanker 59 supplied water while the Engine crew assisted with opening up and trenching the roof. The wind was working for us and the aggressive hold by engines 88 & 54 till water supply was established, cut down on the loss. Great Job by all the crews.

Command: Chief 54


Engine 54, 54-1, 59-1, 88, 48

Truck: 46, 74

Tanker: 59, 54, Lanco 71, 70, 79, Leb 3 abd Bellgrove

Ambulance 54-1

Utility 54

10865774_10155377244210381_8522919332771603272_o IMG_73294980709192 IMG_73376792052078

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