Working Fire in the 88 Box

At 15:18hrs, Engine and Rescue 59 were dispatched on Box 88-3 to the 100blk of Ann Street in Middletown for a Structure fire. Engine 59 arrived as 2nd Engine grabbing the second hydrant as the engine 88 crew was working with the first line inside. The engine 59-1 crew was ordered to pull the second line to exterior side”D” as engine 88 had fire in that wall traveling towards division 2 (second floor). The crews quickly extinguished the fire but had extensive overhaul due to construction work happening in the structure. The incident went to 2nd alarm for manpower but was scaled back when control was marked. Great work by all crews!

Command: 88


Engine: 88, 59-1, 54, 55 & 91

Truck: 88, 50

Rescue: 59, 88, 50

Air 41

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